You are one of the most famous architects of stadia in the world. It's hard not to notice that lately we've seen original ones pop up everywhere. Sometimes it makes you think that the stadium is more eye-catching - or thought out - than the team.

Sorry, but I can't see anything wrong with it. Maybe it's the architect in me, but yeah, the stadium might become more of the club's DNA that the team of a given season. An interesting stadium that expresses what the club wants to achieve may become the foundation of its functioning. It may attract the players. I won't say that I would start the club from building a special, well-planned stadium, but...


But I would start the club from building a special, unique, well-planned stadium. Preferably one that would express what the club wants to be. But I know this might be my professional perspective. I like football, don't get me wrong. But an original empty stadium can make a stronger impression on me than a match does, if it has a soul. 

You mentioned stadia that are consistent with club's DNA. What examples can you think of?

"The stadium of Ultras Futbol Klub 1.FC is a good example. It's for almost sixty thousand people. It's a club that currently plays ELITE LEAGUE, it's a dark horse in the race for trophies. It had enough money to buy an ultra-modern stadium. But they don't want it. They've chosen tribunes fashioned after the '80s, where you stand, with a unique atmosphere. You look at this building and you know that it has a special bond with the fans, and that traditions are extremely important here.


On the other hand, Grande Azul. Second biggest stadium in the world, 135 thousand seats. Someone joked once that there's just as many cameras there. And do you know that currently it's almost true? After the streaming revolution they've gone through that's exactly what it is. And you feel it there. On the one hand, its magnitude is astonishing. You could fit in all citizens of a medium-sized town there.

On the other, you can say that even though the form of the building is pure tradition, it's the stadium of a club who leads towards the future. Once the game starts we can choose the camera from which we watch the game if we've bought PRO subscription. And some of them are spectacular - for instance, 21 cameras in the goal, or microcameras on the chest of each Grande Azul player.


If you were to compile a list of your favorites, the best stadia in the world, would you put these two there?

The best - maybe. The favorites? No, probably not. Personally, I still think they lack a bit of crazy. I like the stadia where each stand comes from a different age. For instance, Espoo - on the one side you have nineteenth century English wooden stands. On the other, broad arcs of the Latin America. Everything connected by the green and red colors, making it surprisingly coherent. And the location sometimes is important, too.

In what sense?

In the sense that Tuhai45 is located on the island in the middle of Pacific. You have this atoll, there is a landing, harbour, and the club facilities, as well as a modest twenty-thousand stadium with three stands. Ten meters behind one of them there is an ocean already. Or DVORETS POBEDA, located among the Syberia snows, which looks like a palace. It's the permafrost territory. You can see permamently frozen lake next to it. And yet, thanks to the miracles of modern science, we can enter this snow-white eight-thousand-seat stadium that is clearly inspired by Russian architecture, and there, amid all the white - beautiful green grass. A real football palace. There are new possibilities every day, and building the stadium of your dreams is cheaper than ever. It's great that some people can show off their vision in this way.



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