Legendary "Grande Azul" are doing the most notable transfer of this transfer window?

The world of football is used to it by now. Who, if not them?

After all, we are talking about one of the richest clubs in the world, known virtually everywhere. A club that has tens of million of fans around the world. A club that steps far outside the world of sports. A club that intends to get it all every season, and for which even the second place is a disappointment.

Grande Azul is a legend, the top, an amazing gravitational pull. It's hard to find a player or a coach who would refuse the iconic blues - that's why another remarkable transfer and another star in the team is their daily bread.

The thing is, this transfer is sensational for another reason. It seems Grande Azul signed a coach who has almost no practical experience at all.


The truth is that the popular Los Cosmicos are going through a crisis now. At least a sports crisis, which is an important distinction, because it shows the pull of Grande Azul, but also the state of modern football.

The club is richer than ever, even though it hasn't put anything on its trophy case for the last five years - that's the worst streak they've had since the '60s of the previous century. Last season, the club was only in the middle of the ELITE LEAGUE, even though they've spent 250 million euro on reinforcements.

The club has been on everyone's lips more due to scandals than beautiful goals. We haven't heard as much about the blossoming of 17-year-old Gaucho, who could get it all, as about Bastos' night raid through the streets of Monte Carlo that ended up in a drunk tank. Leon, a Mexican striker, might have scored a hat trick in a match with Buccaneros, but afterwards they've found cocaine in his blood. Watson, an English goalkeeper, was photographed at a party a day before an important match - and the party was in Singapore.

And the locker room is not even the biggest problem of Los Cosmicos: Jose Luis Maria Gaspar, the CEO of the club, had a lot of explaining to do due to his tax fraud, and he was a hot subject of celebrity gossip after he had an affair with the wife of team captain, Nacho Laudo. And these are just the most notable things, because every week in Grande Azul there was something new - just in March the club employed an actual tiger as the club mascot. They bought the animal from zoo in Treviso, and this sparked outrage of animal rights' activists. Gaspar's explanations that the tiger's diet is better than his own and that he's more likely to tear down the stadium than get rid of his new favorite pet, didn't help.

Up to this day people wonder: how much of this is a game, how much is the truth?

It's been two years since Grande Azul opened their own streaming platform where you can watch not just matches and trainings; it's the first unstoppable football reality show that makes each player a celebrity in the blink of an eye, but it also allows the cameras into his private life. It makes the club and the players filthy rich, uncomparably with anything the others make, but many people ask:

Where is the sport in all this?

Should we agree that football currently is more about showbusiness than sport, and Grande Azul understood this most fully, going one step further than the others?

Well, this kind of discussion works for them, too - if somebody lives by the rule "THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY," it's Los Cosmicos.

And here's the question: is hiring a largely unknown, 30-year-old Maximilian Freier another move in this direction? Is it supposed to get people to talk about Grande Azul, is it another twist in the football soap opera? Or is it a turn towards the sports?


Freier may be unknown in the football world, but he's a German "wonderkid" of coaching. The critics say it's impossible to say that when we're talking about someone who hasn't led on his own any single senior team, but on the other hand - isn't this the offensive of the new wave of coaches, who put their money on learning the job? Who don't have a football career behind them because they believed in being a coach since the very beginning?

Freier's CV includes entries such as:

"At the age of 16, he's left for two years for a football school in Ghana, where he was a regular youth trainer

At the age of 24 he became a director in Texas Cowboys academy, where he left his know-how; up until today, this is one of the most prestigious academies in the USA

At the age of 27, he's finished a presitgious coaching school in Cologne, and he became the youngest graduate in its history; even though he's received his Pro paperwork there, which allows him to coach all the clubs around the world, he's finished also other top schools in Spain, England, as well as famous Italian Coverciano

He's managed to lead older juniors to the championship on three continents

He was an intern with Raul Mondez, who led London Towers to ELITE LEAGUE victory in the last two years"

Freier definitely has an untypical Grande Azul coach CV, because this club has been usually led by experienced, accomplished trainers. But there might be a method to this madness - maybe in order to get good results in such environment you need someone with a modern perspective at sport.

Freier will certainly not drown in the reality show - he's an actual football buff, who mainly wants to prove a lot and get Grande Azul back on top. At the same time, even though he has no experience, he seems like a charismatic leader and he shows that in the interviews - it might not be easy to get his house in order, but he might stand a chance.

We'll see how it goes in the end. One thing is certain - it will be interesting, so business as usual at Los Cosmicos. But at least this time around there is hope that it will be football before the show.


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