Alright, but who are the players that we use in Football Coach: the Game?

Who makes up our dream team?

Let’s get it out of the way: no, Football Coach: the Game, much like many other online managers, does not offer real players’ names. If you know similar games, you know this works. If you’re used to playing only with real players, we just ask of you: give it a chance. Online football management games have millions of players already. Let yourself be drawn into the world of competition and create your own football legends.

We’ve divided footballers’ attributes in the game into visible and invisible ones. The visible ones are those clearly football-related, ones you can notice just watching players practice. Of course, their visibility is not accessible to everyone either, and if you want to see the profile of your opponent’s player, you need to have appropriate scouting level (READ MORE HERE).


Visible attributes are:

  • Passing
  • Finishing
  • Tackling
  • Placement
  • Technique
  • Dribble
  • Headers
  • Set pieces
  • Strength
  • Pace
  • Stamina

These are typical skills a footballer has. But these variables will be also conditioned by the invisible attributes, the mental ones. Just like in real football – it’s easier to assess one’s strength or the accuracy of passes than their pitch intelligence.

These are the invisible attributes in Football Coach: the Game:

  • Determination (the player who has trouble with determination is inconsistent, and therefore doesn’t realize fully his potential in some games, but plays for instance to 70% of his ability)
  • Valor (on the one hand it makes one more willing to receive the ball, but it can also cause one to be more inclined towards foul play; high valor can also cause one to play to one’s full potential when the team is in trouble)
  • Risk-taking (associated with imagination and bravado. Willingness to play bravely and adventurously, in a way that may be beneficial, but also detrimental. For instance, taking shots from afar or passing the ball through the whole pitch. An attribute you want in a playmaker, but not necessarily in a defense player).
  • Intelligence (how much it can translate into making tactical assumptions. Remember, that you’ll also be able to get your players more tactically disciplined using an artifact card (READ MORE))
  • Cooperation (does the player cooperate happily or does he focus on himself; connect the team, or play egoistically; low cooperation can be very harmful for your midfielder, but not necessarily for your pureblood number nine)
  • Earnestness (applied to training)

These elements are conditioned appropriately by stamina and morale. Stamina influences the visible football attributes more, while morale the invisible mental ones.

Additionally, some players have their special moves – they may be dribble masters, set piece experts, kings of an upright pass, they may increase valor of players around them, or they can use safe yet ruthless slide. The range of these special moves will be broad, and it will be an important part of each gifted player’s overall skill. It can also make players whose attributes are at the first glance completely different in the end as far as their playstyle is concerned – making one more of a playmaker, who wants to receive the ball all the time and knows what to do with it, and another a ceaseless fighter who clears the middle of the field.

We believe that all of this will allow each player to have their own personality and playstyle which he will show you when he plays your colors.

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