What exactly is the gameplay in Football Coach: the game going to look like? Let’s say you’re turning on Football Coach: the Game right now.

First, you’re choosing one of the five available coach classes.

  • Class choice partially conditions what the parameters of your club are going to be, such as the initial budget, size of your stadium or a number of gifted young players in your team. You can change the attributes of your coach to some extent, but there are limits.
  • The matter of your coach’s appearance is a cosmetic issue, but yes, you can play around with this element.
  • If only you want to do so, you can take care of the private life of your coach in our game; even on the first day you can, if you want, choose the place where you live or the car you drive – the better the car, the bigger your fame – and have your first talks with the media, the sponsors, the chairman or the ultras.

Second, you personalize your club. We want you to feel that it’s truly yours. This is why:

  • You create club symbols – choose a name, team crest, T-shirts, as well as a scarf worn by your devoted fans
  • You create your stadium – of course, you’re not starting with one that seats an audience of eighty thousand people, but from the beginning you’re getting options to make your cosy stadium unique
  • You create your club facilities – again, you’re not starting with a top academy, but you have a choice of what to invest in; analysis lab, academy and other facilities.

Third, you personalize your team.

  • From the get go you have twenty five players with varied abilities, eighteen seniors and seven juniors
  • There will surely be at least one veteran star on your team, one great talent, and someone with a leader mentality; depending on your class, there might be more than one person like that. For instance, the training guru class gives you more talented players, and the old school coach gives you more players who are ready now.
  • You have the possibility to personalize your players as far as their name, appearance, and attributes are concerned; you can plan your team
  • Some players have special abilities, such as good long-distance shots, invariably great morale, or being an expert at penalty shots; in the beginning, you can choose them, too

Fourth, working with the team.

Everything that concerns the team is up to you.

  • You can appoint the training plan for your players, both a long-term one, and a specific session that you can take part in as a minigame; the better you play in this arcade minigame, the faster your players will develop
  • If you’ve chosen the analyst coach class, you can check the actual potential of your players; perhaps someone who currently is one of the weaker players on the team can really become a star that will lead your team
  • Set the formation of your team
  • Set up an internal practice match to test your ideas in peace, without risk
  • You can go to the transfer market and look for reinforcements immediately, looking through transfer lists and taking part in the player auctions
  • If you’ve chosen a coach with a good understanding of tactics you can create your own plans and set pieces from the first day

Remember: EACH of these options can be left up to the coach’s assistant. You can focus only on these options in Football Coach: the Game you want to engage in.


Fifth, game modes.

Let’s say you are happy with the way you’ve made your team, with your stadium, and you want to check them while playing against an actual opponent.

You’re assigned to one of the leagues. League season takes about a month, and you’re matchmade with players of a similar skill. League matches are played during the week at specific hours.

You’re assigned to one of the cups. A cup is a typical play-off based on the country cup in real football, where a fourth league team can meet with the best teams in the country. There is much bigger diversity in levels here. You can encounter someone from whom you can learn a lot, even if they turn out to be too strong an opponent. Cup matches are played in the weekend at a specific hour.

That’s how all online football management games work, and we don’t shy away from that. But we don’t hide it either: in our opinion, the most interesting mode is everything that the duel lobby offers.

After entering the lobby you can:

  • Dare another player to a ranked or a friendly match
  • Join the tournaments organized by us – for instance, related to an important event that takes place in the world of football on that day
  • Join the tournament organized by another player
  • Create your own tournament

Remember that it’s up to you what is the entrance fee of a tournament. This fee moves to the total pool.It may be the game currency, or an artifact-card of a particular class. In the same manner, the tournament rules are your business: you can organize matches to one goal, or make them the kind where when it’s a draw you take penalty shots. You can have a tournament with a group phase and a cup phase, or you can begin with a play-off. We’re giving you the tools – the size of the group phase, the number of rounds, whether we’re playing until we get one win or more… It’s all up to you. The key matter is: the matches in lobby won’t chip away at your players’ stamina, so you can play as much as you want.

We expect a lot from the clan games. Clan competition will also take place in a classic form, against an opponent from the clan chosen at random once a week, but it can also take place through lobby as clan against clan, or even mini-tournaments between clans. There is no obligation here – this is just a list of options you can choose from.

Sixth, the match.

Let’s say you’ve chosen the way you want to play. The game approaches. Aside from making the last tactical adjustments and observing your opponent’s team – the more thorough, the higher your analytic skill is and the better your lab scout is – it is important to divide the artifact cards.

Your pool of artifact cards in the beginning:

  • Three striker cards (you can use one per match) that give you the ability to interfere with the match in an arcade mode.
  • Four class cards (each coach class has their artifact cards, specific for each class and unavailable to any other)
  • Ten random artifact cards, one of them legendary (the cards have very different powers, from improving your player’s stamina to giving him special skills)

You assign them before the match – who is supposed to get a speed bonus today? Maybe someone will be a better dribbler during this game than he usually is?

Aside from the cards assigned before the match, you’re taking three to a match which allow you to interfere. STRIKER card is an example of such interference because it gives you control over how one of the actions ends. Another interference is improving the morale of all your players on the pitch or quick improvement of your key player’s stamina.

Of course, this is just one layer of the clash with your opponent. Tactical and personal changes are still available, too. You watch the game in 3D mode, from the camera you select. It takes from 5 to 10 minutes of the actual playtime. In case of a victory you get:

  • Experience points that allow your manager to level up, developing his skill tree and attributes
  • Ranking points (unless you’ve played a friendly game)
  • Particular amount of money (set by the game or according to the entrance fee)
  • Artifact cards you can win (it may be something you give the players, but also an element of the infrastructure or a bonus to your private life)

Seventh, have fun!

Enjoy Football Coach: the Game the way you want. Become a master of transfers. Build your legend in league matches. Construct crazy stadia. Play a marathon or ranked matches. Create prestigious tournaments. Raise stars. Become a celebrity of your own stands. Form clans with your friends and make new ones.

It’s up to you what game Football Coach: the Game will be.

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