Published date: 21.11 .2020.


Robert Lewandowski establishes a company in partnership with Playway SA and Rafał Cymerman, the author of the first-ever Polish football manager, Liga Polska Manager 95. The debut project of the RL9sport Games company will be the first Polish sports superproduction: a football coach simulator, Football Coach the Game. The planned launch date is 2022.

Robert Lewandowski will not only be the co-owner of RL9sport Games and its global ambassador, but also an active participant in the design and in-game solution consultant. He will work with the design team to share his knowledge and experience in building unique football simulation models.

Football Coach the Game is meant to be not only a football manager but above all a coach’s work simulator. Therefore, apart from typical football issues, such as tactics, transfers and training, the psychological aspect will be very important such as influencing the life of the locker room. Relationships with players and bosses. Building the authority of a leader. Managing the team atmosphere not only during the match but also influencing it during training sessions.

During the match, the coach like the twelfth player will be actively involved in the course of the game, reacting to match events not only with changes or tactical adjustments. This element of the game will bring the designed simulator closer to classic arcade football games, but with the difference that you will be able to control the character of the coach for the first time.

The whole game will be embedded in real-time online leagues where you can compete with friends or compete in global, national or regional leagues. Production in the first stage will be available for mobile and PC platforms and then console versions are planned.


Rafał Cymerman, president of the company, who directly supervises production, emphasizes: “Together with Robert, we have set for ourselves the ultimate goal of building the most realistic game mechanics and focusing on online gameplay style. Our dream is to provide a platform for popular league games where players from around the world will create their own teams, develop them, train them and compete in real time with real-time matches on set dates.”

Football Coach the Game will have strong global marketing support as it provides cross-product promotion with the launch of many other PlayWay games in all markets and platforms where the company is a publisher.